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Event Perfect Entertainment

Will your wedding day be Perfect?

What we do

There are some moments you never forget. When we see the love of our life looking back at us and smiling, totally happy and having the perfect time. That instant stays with us forever. If there was a song playing, every time we hear that song it brings us back to that feeling of bliss. Event Perfect DJ's are obsessed with creating these moments every gig.

We don't just do weddings.

We make your bridal party remember that special night out back in the day. We won't just play the slow song that your aunt and uncle used to dance to. We create an opportunity for them to re-live falling in love all over again. We never just help a bunch of guests be less awkward around each other. We build an atmosphere where they can form new bonds.

Our exclusive training and years of experience help us do all of these things, but our hearts and our marathon runners' mindset is the secret sauce that makes all the difference.

DJ Tim Smith

"As long as there is air in my lungs I'll be rocking a dance floor"

How it all began

It's been almost two decades since "but their so many hot girls there" turned me into an emergency, fill-in bar DJ with zero experience. I was a 19 year old kid with no idea how deeply in love I would fall with playing music. Putting that amazing set together became this hunger that still drives me every time I'm near a dance floor.

I don't know how many years have past since whatever killer set made me realize "as long as their is air in my lungs I'll be rocking a dance floor", but it is just as true today as it was that early morning sitting in a breakfast place after the gig.

Over the years I've gone from bar and clubs to private party's to weddings with a few random events in between. The common theme between them, connecting people through music. Everyone in the room looks to the DJ to create an environment where they can just let go and forget. It's like nothing exists beyond those four walls and for that night time stands still. We all just want to breathe together, feel the same emotion and move our body's as one.

I know this doesn't tell you much about my specific experience, but rest assured I've DJ'ed thousands of events with probably over 1000 being weddings. In that time I've seen so much and I'm blessed to have a lifetime learners mindset so I've grown and adapted my skill to handle whatever is thrown my way.

Here is a link to here some of my mixes.

My style

"whatever you need" Seriously, adaptability is king in DJing. I view style in three parts; what I do on the mic, what I do with music and how me and my equipment look.

On the mic some clients want minimal speaking and others want the DJ to really use his voice to motivate the crowd often. I'm comfortable with any amount of interaction you prefer and I make sure all announcements are made clearly and concise. I did a short time in radio where I learned proper mic technique.

What I do with music is also super specific to the crowd in front of me and the music plan that is put together with each client. The bottom line is, music theory applies no matter what I'm playing so the mix will sound good.

Music lets us feel the same emotion someone else is feeling. As we sing along we assume the same breathing pattern and eventually start to connect with that human being. I don't think their is a deeper way to really understand someone else's unique human experience so I love taking in as much music as I can.

The final piece of "my style" is the way I look and how my equipment looks. I'm meticulous  in this area. My set up is just clean, condensed and not visually intrusive. I wear clothing to match the event. If it's a wedding I'm in a suit, If it's a super bowl party the suit stays home and it's TB12 all the way!

DJ Mike Fontaine

"Learning the drums has always helped me be the best DJ I can be"

How it all began

I started DJing in 1998 and was doing video production for an entertainment company in the wedding industry. I've always been reliable so when I kept showing up on time for video work they asked me if I wanted to learn to DJ weddings.

I am also a drummer and have played in bands for years. I met another musician that was looking to start a DJ company as a way to offer music to bars in between band sets. We built up the company eventually got into other types of DJ work such as weddings.

I met Tim and taught him how to do weddings then years later when he was ready to start his own company I was excited to become a part of it because he has the same work ethic as me.

Since 1998 I have DJed in bars, clubs, party's and weddings.

My style

I play all kinds of music and will follow the guidelines the couple wants me too. I'm really good at reading the crowd so if you want me to pick the music I can do that.

I know a lot of different songs and how to put them together in an order that will get everyone to dance.

What Our Couples Are Saying.

The Dj and music were great

Dj Don was great. Our guests were dancing all night and loved it. He called us a week before to go over our paperwork to confirm he had all our info. At the wedding we got the exact style of announcements we wanted. (someone that wasn’t on the mic all night) The owner Tim went over everything in detail when we called to book them. He can talk a lot but it was a good thing because he was able to break down the day step by step and tell us what we could expect and how don would handle the different parts of the wedding. I would use event perfect entertainment again.

-Amanda R. 3/23/19 reviewed on Wedding Wire

DJ Tim Review

I'm so glad I chose Tim as our event DJ. He provided a sound system for the ceremony, as well as the reception. I was afraid of having a boring reception depending on which DJ I hired, but Tim didn't disappoint at all. He kept the energy going without disrespecting any of our requests. Everyone left our wedding saying they hadn't had that much fun in a long time! Tim was also open to any last-minute requests we or our guests had that night. I'd definitely recommend him to anybody!

-Paula 6/15/18 from Wedding Wire

Great DJ, Great Price

 DJ Mike was great at keeping our guests up and dancing! He played a combination of new and old, slow and fast and even took requests. The price was beyond fair and the owner, Tim, answered all our questions and sent all the forms over in an email the same night we talked to him. I'm so glad I found them!!

-Laura C. 7/10/20 from Wedding Wire

Sacha and DJ Tim Review

AMAZING!! You will not be disappointed My wife and I had the privilege of having Tim and his wonderful wife Sacha as the DJ for our wedding. Tim really listens and pays attention to what you want. The slideshow was beautiful and he literally will play whatever you want to hear. Tim made this day so magical! Everyone loved the music and photo booth. We had a blast!! I would 100% recommend Tim. You will be happy that you did.

With Love,

Mara and Amanda 💕

-9-15-19 from Wedding Wire

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