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Event Perfect Entertainment

Will your wedding day be Perfect?

Photo Booth

We offer a three and four hour packages. The only difference between the two packages is the amount of time the booth is in operation. We include the following with every photo booth rental:

-Unlimited sessions for each guest

-Each person in the session gets a copy of the photo strip

-A photo album where guests can sign and place a copy of their photo strip

-Your choice of one of ten different colored backdrops

-A table full of props

-Photo Booth Attendant

-We arrive 60 minutes before our start time to set up

****Special pricing if added to our DJ service****

Wedding Officiant

Your wedding is such a personal and wonderful experience you need an Officiant that understands how to provide you with a ceremony that will cause tears of joy, memories and that awwww factor.

What makes our officiant service different? As wedding DJ's we have seen hundreds of wedding ceremonies performed by every type of officiant imaginable from family members to side hustle weekend JP's and full-time ministers.

We've seen it all and we have a great experience base to know what works, what doesn't work and how to best partner with essential vendors to pull off a successful ceremony. Together with our couples we create the perfect wedding ceremony and deliver it with over two decades of public speaking experience.

****Special pricing if added to our DJ service****


Create the WOW factor as your guests enter the venue!

What is up-lighting and why should I consider it? Up-lighting is the hottest customization to hit the industry in the past few years. Basically we shine special light fixtures up the wall to change the color from a standard cream or off-white to your choice of just about any color!

Our fixtures are high output so they can light even the largest rooms, use the latest LED diode technology to give you a huge color pallet to choose from and wireless for more placement options. 

Best of all our lights are computer controlled so after dinner we can have the colors change to the beat of the music. Not only is this feature conducive to dancing it gives a unique opportunity for additional photography with a totally different looking background from earlier in the evening!

Our up-light package includes:

-Up to 24 fixtures for one price, to light up the entire room

*****only available as an additional service to our DJ package for any event or wedding*****


Nothing compares to seeing YOUR name.....or new name in light!

Our monogram can be customized to show names, dates, graphics such as rings, hearts or something similar. We have several different fonts and we can project onto the dance floor, wall or ceiling .

A monogram is a great way to add your personal style and signature to the wedding. A common occurrence that happens throughout evening is that guests will take a picture with our monogram in the background. This is great because even years later when they look back at the picture they are reminded of  YOUR magic day!!

*****only available as an additional service to our DJ package for any event or wedding*****

Video Screens

I cannot tell you how many wedding parties have been all googly eyed on the dance floor when they see AJ, Brian, Howie, Nick and Kevin again and remember how big their crush was as start belting out "you fire, the one..........desire"!

During the first and parent dances we play a slide show of pictures that you provide which is synced to the song you are dancing to with your loved one. We've all seen key dances where ALL eyes are on the couple and they are nervous, just wishing it would end. A slideshow changes the entire situation.

Instead of staring at the couple for four solid minutes, guests can divide their attention and still be engaged in the moment! What's even better is that it gives guests conversation points for the night when they recognize something in a picture that looks familiar or when it brings back a memory.

What's included:

-Two 65" video screens

-Up to three customized photo slide shows with unlimited pictures

*****only available as an additional service to our DJ package for any event or wedding*****

LOVE Letters

If you are booking us to DJ your wedding or for a Photo Booth consider adding some love! Our light up LOVE letters provide a very unique and cool element for pictures with the wedding party and guests. They can be set to display one of nine different colors for the whole night or if you like after dinner when dancing starts we can set the to change colors in sync with the beat of the music.

If your venue has a wall that is wide open and blank or a large area outside the main room that you would like to dress up we would recommend the LOVE letters. Each letter is 48"x24".

Photographers have given positive feedback about how awesome taking pictures of the wedding party and the newlyweds in front of this is! Getting a picture like this is something unique that photographers and guests don't have the opportunity to do everyday.


Ever sing in the shower and think, man I could go pro? If you're like me pro singing is not in the cards, but you can try to impress your friends at the next birthday party or family gathering. If you are booking our DJ service karaoke can really be a ton of fun for your guests.

What is included:

-Up to two microphones for singers

-32" screen to read lyrics from

-50,000+ karaoke song library

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