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Event Perfect Entertainment

Will your wedding day be Perfect?

What we do

There are some moments you never forget. When we see the love of our life looking back at us and smiling, totally happy and having the Perfect time. That instant stays with us forever. If there was a song playing, every time we hear that song it brings us back to that feeling of bliss. Event Perfect DJ's are obsessed with creating these moments every gig.

We don't just do weddings.

We make your bridal party remember that special night out back in the day. We won't just play the slow song that your aunt and uncle used to dance to. We create an opportunity for them to re-live falling in love all over again. We never just help a bunch of guests be less awkward around each other. We build an atmosphere where they can form new bonds.

Our exclusive training and years of experience help us do all of these things, but our hearts and our marathon runners' mindset is the secret sauce that makes all the difference.


North Smithfield, RI



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